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I am Legend

2008-01-07 16:30:28 by Wormie

2 day I went to see I am Legend.
I thought it was just about a guy alone in NYC
there just had to be blood sucking zombies with measles!

BTW haappy new year!

Whales For Christmas

2007-12-26 04:47:40 by Wormie

Yesterday was Xmas here and The best present I got was A WHALE!my sister adopted it on my behalf.Sweeet.(It's name is Kiah)
Today I went on a boat and saw the start of the sydney to hobart race. Its a yacht race that's 620 km long.


2007-12-21 19:40:03 by Wormie

I have a couple of games for the PC that I can give people. I have the game that the huge game portal is a remakeof, Narbacular Drop. There is also plasma pong and Project 64. If you want one, send me a email using the newgrounds thingy and i'll try to send it to you.


2007-12-21 04:11:44 by Wormie

Goddammit James

(and don't choose an aura that's emo)

w00t! y8 here I come!
That's right public schoolers!
school is OVER and you can BET your left testicle (or boob) that I will go surfin'!

2nd last day of school

2007-12-20 00:32:00 by Wormie

Today was the 2nd last day and we have been encouraged by the year adviser to skip tomorrow.
(Oh, and I do bowling for sport. they're not really lessons on how to bowl.)

Last Bowling

2007-12-19 03:34:40 by Wormie

Today I had my last ten pin bowling lesson. we did 2 games and I came 2nd in both with a 93 and a 90.

last week of year se7en

2007-12-17 00:13:05 by Wormie

It's My last week of year seven and it's awesome. We're mostly slacking off because no-ones stuffed to do anything.

Louis The Dog Died

2007-12-14 03:15:22 by Wormie

My Dog which I have known all my life had to be put down today. It was the saddest thing that's happened to me.

The Orange Box

2007-12-12 04:19:50 by Wormie

I got the orange box for PC. IT IS AWESOME!!! I didn't know that you could put the portal gun in half-life!
It's some weird hacker thing but it tells you how to do it at this website. /2007/10/17/half-life-2-portal/

The Orange Box