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I am Really happy because Portal 2 has been confirmed. It's gonna be friking sweeeeeet!!!! :-)
Also, I was playing Gmod and I found some cool stuff 2 download onto it and there is this thing it's a "harmless" companion Cube. U know that line GLaDOS says that the cube will not stab you? Well when u turn your back on the cube and then look back, It's gotten closer! eventually it will get right behind you and say some line from half-life 2 AND THEN IT STABS U!!!!!!You can download the cube for Gmod here

The Orange Box Soundtrack

2008-02-07 03:00:03 by Wormie

I downloaded the soundtrack for the Orange box 2day. It's got some pretty good songs. My favourites are "still alive" sung by GLaDOS. The one sung by johnathan coulton is , no offense, butYECH! The team fortress 2 songs are AWESOME. 1s called rocket jump waltz.

The Orange Box Soundtrack

back to school

2008-01-30 01:27:16 by Wormie



Dr Karl

2008-01-24 18:17:32 by Wormie

Yesterday I went to the ABC(Australian Brodcasting Comission) Ultimo centre. We met Dr. Karl who does radio shows around the world. He gave us a tour and we went into the Triple J studios.

Dr Karl

Back From Brisbane

2008-01-20 19:47:58 by Wormie

I'm back from my holiday to brisbane. I'd like to say thanks to my aunt Shae and my uncle Greg for letting me stay with them. It was Awesome.


2008-01-20 04:09:49 by Wormie

Check it out <---- new picture I made it on Garry's mod.

I just saw cloverfield today and it is great. It's about these guys trying to escape manhattan affter a giant monster attacks it. The monster also has some giant, poisonous dog-sized spiders on its side. The movie is seen through a mans video camera throughout the whole thing which makes it feel like first person

Cloverfield: First ever First person movie

AAAAAAAAAARGH!!! IT'S DRIVING ME INSANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2008-01-17 02:54:11 by Wormie

I'm still in brisbane and this frog outside my bedroom is driving me CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! This is not a normal frog. This is some retard version that doesn't croak oooo NO. It makes a noise that sounds like 2 coconuts banging together. And it does it ALL NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

White Water Wurld

2008-01-12 01:03:14 by Wormie

I have arrived in brisbane and it is boiling. we r going to a theme park called white water world. Pretty lame name

Brisbane, Australia

2008-01-11 00:18:33 by Wormie

tomorrow morning I am flying to brisbane for a holiday and im staying with my aunt. b back in a week

P.S I'll get a page header working soon

P.P.S I've noticed all my post moods are extremely happy.