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2008-11-07 05:09:46 by Wormie



crazy shiz happening!

2008-10-09 08:03:57 by Wormie

I havent made a post in a while. meh
stuff thats been happening: Its the holidays and i've been spending a very large majority of it with my best friends. sleepovers and stuff. I managed 2 get them to watch my favorite movie Planet Terror, and they loved it! We also saw The Number 23. I also went 2 a sailing regatta at gosford. i made a lot of scary linkss with the number 23. our boat number was 1013. 10+13=23. other boat numbers were 1055 and 1337 and 13 more. Our boat came 23rd out of 32 boats in our fleet. that was really scary....... o well. hope 2 post more later! i gotta go now

All In A Day's Work

2008-09-04 02:37:21 by Wormie

I saved 2 of my best friends from killing each other. They are now really good friends again. I feel so proud. YIPEE

Animania+Broken Nose

2008-09-01 04:20:32 by Wormie

I haven't made a post in over a week, which is normal, but heaps of stuff happened in that week. Here they are.

I went to Animania last week which is a big anime festival where people cosplay and stuff. I went with my friends Ren, F-face, Helena, Anoushka, Iain and Gemma. Ren and F-face dressed up as the same person but he has a split personality so they shared alter egos. The person they dressed up as was Akito/Agito from air gear. Gemma dressed up as Izumi from full metal alchemist. i said i was dressed up but i have a confession 2 make. Dragon from Water Cog doesn't exist. o well.

Animania was fun though. I saw people dressed up as characters from team fortress 2, which i didn't think was very anime-ish but it was still awesome.(by the way, engie beet sniper in DDR) I got a picture with them and that's the big picture on this page up the top-left. we kept yelling MEDIC behind the medic. Below is a pic of the stuff i got. Ren bought me the Domo-Kun T-shirt for me because I ran out of money and she is a CHAMPION!!!!!!!!!!! I also got a mini companion cube 2 go on my keys.and a badge that said THE CAKE IS A LIE on it.

Later on, on Friday night, there was a thing at my sailing club to celebrate the new season. We all went outside and played night..........big mistake. I ended up running full speed into another kids face. He was fine but i broke my nose.
(The following sounds very weird but, whatever)
Braking my nose was fun. My brain was telling me "jack, start crying" but my body said "screw you" and then i started laughing because it would have looked hilarious if you were watching me and the other kid WHAM into eachother. My nose bled heaps but it isn't bent or anything, just swollen.

GRRR. We had 2 go 2 the hospital and wait 4 2 hours 2 find out that we couldn't and shouldn't do anything about my nose. PISSED ME OFF.
but anyway. BYE

Animania+Broken Nose

PNAU Concert

2008-08-25 06:10:28 by Wormie

(sorry, i had 2 repost this due 2 copyright issues)

Hello again. Last Friday, my sister, Kat, and her boyfriend, Danny, took me 2 a PNAU concert for my birthday. It was AWESOME. i must have been the youngest one there. everyone else was around 18-21 yrs old and i am 14yrs old.

A lot of people were being booked by police for under-age drinking. we watched someone climb over the fence which was amazing he got away because it was in plain sight. The security guards were all old ladies which was pretty funny. I was taller than them so i could have pushed them over or something.

Because it was during the opening ceremony of the olympics, a group of about 7-9 people turned up in aussie flag boxers and crap shouting "OZZIE OZZIE OZZIE OI OI OI!!!" which was frikkin annoying. i think its safe 2 say dat they were wasted.

I was so lucky!!! Operator Please was meant to perform after sam la more but they were sick and they were replaced by Bluejuice!!! they were much better and the singers drunk so much on stage.

After that, PNAU came on and they were the best! The lasers around the stage were awesome! they curved and did crazy stuff i've never seen. They released giant sphee balloons and the lasers went through them and looked really cool. The balloons were frikkin huge. i could have stood in side them and not be stretching it.

PNAU has these little mascots that they have dance around on stage in giant costumes of things like strawberries, skulls, a bird with X on it's eyes, lightning bolts, a robber mask, pac-man ghosts, a sun, a love heart, a diamond and hands. They were all dancing around on stage and it was awesome. u can see them all below in the music videos.


This is BlueJuice-Vitriol. This was performed in Pitt Street mall where all this Crazy stuff happens like the free hugs guy. if u dont wanna watch the intro, skip 2 about 1:11

/* */
This is PNAU's signature song Wild Strawberries which made them Famous.

/* */
And this is PNAU-Baby. which was slightly higher budget than Wild Strawberries.

/* */
PS. one of my best friends Ren talked about me on her blog so i have to repay the favor.
Ren, your a champ. CHEMICAL SISTER!!! your really nice.....and......stuff... BLACK 4 LIFE!!!! HUGH!!!
visit her blog here

im gonna steal her picture she made, her being artistic and all.... soz 4 such a frikkin huge post.

PNAU Concert


2008-08-05 05:36:57 by Wormie

Over the past couple of months, I've been watching the SAW series with a group of friends. Saw is awesome. Saw is the best, then Saw III, Saw IV and then Saw II. Saw II sucked. I cant wait for Saw V to come out this Halloween.


Y:The Last Man

2008-07-25 05:03:29 by Wormie

it was my birthday last saturday (yay) and i got all the 'Y:The Last Man' comics. Y is an awesome story. Yorrick Brown is the last man on Earth. Every sperm, Fetus and fully developed animal with a Y chromosome died. so basically, Yorrick and his pet monkey, Ampersand, are the last males on Earth. There are still women though.(everyone sez awesome when i tell them that) The comic is going to be made into a series of movies. Rumors are that Shia Labeouf (that kid in transformers and indiana jones) is going to play Yorrick. If he does, I'm going to puke. He doesnt suit the character and he generally sucks anyway. Here's a picture of the first issue below.

Y:The Last Man

Guitar Hero DS

2008-07-10 07:20:41 by Wormie

i got the new guitar hero 4 the ds and its pretty good. the good side of it is there is a good song selection. the bad side is, the buttons dat come with the game are designed 4 small kids and its difficult 2 press the blue button. DAMMIT

I'b Sick

2008-06-30 19:36:09 by Wormie

Im sick 2day so i didnt go 2 school. All im gonna do is sit around and watch movies like Diary of the Dead by that awesome guy called George. A. Romero


2008-06-30 05:57:11 by Wormie

oops, havent made a post in over 2 weeks. o well. wats new...........hmm.......i got the new pyro update for tf2 and it rox!
Ive also got in2 Full Metal Alchemist thanks to my friend Gemma. And SSBB came out and James has it so im gonna go and pleh it at his place. O and I found a old floppy with some really cool surfing drawings on it but i cant find it right now so u'll just hav 2 wait