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Merry Christmas!!!

2008-12-26 02:33:50 by Wormie

Merry Christmas!!! Me and Phoebe met up on Xmas eve. I gave her a mix cd of songs that remind me of her and also 2 charms for her pandora chain. She gave me a box she made full of chocolates and $20! For Xmas me, mum and thomas went to our cousins house in gosford. Then on boxing day I went to dads place and we went out on a boat to watch the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht race. Overall I got movies, left 4 dead, and an iPod touch! I'm making this blog entry on it right now! (so it might not work :S) hope u had a good xmas!


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2008-12-26 05:57:56

Merry Christmas!

Wormie responds:

Merry Christmas to you too!